Friday, July 12, 2013

The Series 2 Curse

Anybody who follows the blog surely knows that I've been working on Series 2 of The Super Pancake Bros. Super Show with my brother, S.M.  We actually started it about a year ago.  It shouldn't take that long, despite the fact that he lives in Brooklyn and I live in Waymart, PA.  But there seems to have been a curse or a hex on this series of 10 quality episodes.

The very first time S.M. came in for filming, I lost my voice.  At first it was really lost; I had no voice at all.  Then, when I found a voice, it wasn't mine, but rather that of an 92 year old cigar-smoker.  It was beyond Tom Waits level rasp.  We made the best of our time by writing out some ideas for Series 2, but filming any scenes with audio was not possible.

Another would-be filming was shelved due to S.M.'s broken hand.  A gang of ninja bikers was terrorizing New York, and when my little bro stepped in to stop them, he ended up with a broken hand and the key to the city.  Or he broke his hand when he punched the wall at work out of frustration.  One of those is true.  You pick.

S.M. came in around Christmastime, and I was all set for a day of filming when Old Man Winter decided to bend us over and pound the countryside with a big ol' snowstorm.  Again, filming was cancelled.  At this point it seemed like Series 2 would never be completed, and life still had one trick up its sleeve.

Last Saturday marked a momentous occasion:  S.M. came to town and we actually got some filming done!  Tuesday was also a successful movie-making day.  Then came Wednesday, which was supposed to be another day of filming, but Ginger went into false labor.  It's pretty sad that I've already got two kids, yet when she told me she had gone into labor I started pacing around the house like an idiot, trying to figure out what I could or should do.  We then spent six hours in the hospital so they could run tests and do a sonogram (in which the little butthead was sticking his tongue out at us!) to make sure everything was okay.  The ridiculousness of The Series 2 Curse was at an all time high, and my own son was part of the conspiracy!

But today The Pancake Brothers will take no more.  Hexes be damned!  We're finishing this damn thing today!  As I type this I'm getting ready (and by getting ready I mean drinking a big cup of coffee) to head out to meet S.M. for the last day of filming for Series 2.  It's finally happening!  Of course, the wheels may fall of my car or every road will be closed due to several blimp and/or helicopter crashes or I'll somehow drive into a vortex that takes me to a prehistoric land or something.  But even still, I'll find a way to make this happen.

And if I don't, I'm going to make both of next week's articles about Robert Stack.

Alright!  I've got filming to do!  Enjoy the Series 2 preview if you haven't seen it.  And if you have seen it, check it out again; it's better the second time!

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