Monday, August 5, 2013


Here's the lyrics to a song my alter-ego (Klondike Maybe) has been working on.  For a while I've wanted to do a blog post filled with b-movie recommendations, but I didn't want to just do your typical tongue-in-cheek b-movie reviews.  The lyrics of the song are mostly based on films that I've watched, so I decided a clever way to recommend such movies would be to post the words for the song and just link to the movies.  (Did I just call my own idea clever?  I did.)  I'm going to link to as much as I can, though some of the concepts found in the lyrics are things seen in so many movies that I wouldn't know what to link to.  Anyway, here goes...


by Klondike Maybe

Watchin' these gangstas
Watchin' these aliens
Scientists searchin' for
The holy graliens

Could it be a monster
Could it be a kid
You're gamblin' with your soul
And you've just been outbid

Through the barbed-wire
To steal the encoder
Tryin' to shake the curse
Of the brain exploder

Here comes the cyborgs
Here comes the mafia
Half of your face
Just got ripped offaya

High stakes chess game
Could you be a pawn
Cut the right wire
To deactivate the bomb

Things are too real
They're about to get rilla
Helicopter drops off
The kung-fu gorilla

Sailin' on a ship
But the ocean is boilin'
Smell the witch's brew
That's bubblin' and toilin'

Torches and pitchforks
Give the mob the slip
Only way to escape
Is through Dracula's crypt


Explore the lyrics.  Click the links.  Watch the movies... IF YOU DARE!

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