Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Monday Returns

Alright, I'm killing two birds with one stone.

Bird One:  I've gotten very little sleep, and I'm busy doing newborn related stuff most of the time I'm not at work.  Because of this, I'm doing a 'cop out' blog post where I put up a video.  My eyes feel like they're too big for my head right now, so sitting in front of the computer long enough to write a full article is not something I intend to do today.

Bird Two:  There's only four Pancake Bros. videos I haven't posted as Video Vednesday (or cop out posts) entries.  There's four more posts to make (including this one) before the big premiere of the new series of The Super Pancake Bros. Super Show, so you can consider this sort of a countdown to the new season.

This is an "Extra Batter" video which consists of a deleted scene from the very first episode of the show.  I had wanted to use this material in the original episode, but I ended up cutting tons of stuff for time.  Luckily, everything we filmed was saved for posterity.  Don't you love posterity?

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