Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Video Vednesday #21

The time has come!  Super Pancake Bros. Super Show: Series 2 begins today!  After a year of dealing with lost voices, broken hands, blizzards, false labors, and losing our family ranch to Blackjack Calhoun, SPBSS Series 2 has arrived.

This episode features "Robo-Fantasy", in which S.M. laments about not being a robot.  Also "Tie", in which Baxter shatters S.M.'s confidence as he tries to put on a tie.  And there's a commercial for "Mountaintop Mountain Ski & Resort".

I promised on The Pancake Bros. facebook page months ago that this would be the explodiest series of SPBSS episodes ever, and this episode contains the first explosion of Series 2.  Yeah!!!

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