Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Video Vednesday #9

If you think I'm funny but hate my appearance, here's a special video treat for you!  I had the privilege of being part of the main cast on The Coxton Campaign, a webshow for which I earned IMDb credit.  I'm two clicks away from James Avery on there!  Uncle Phil, you guys!

Anyway, the show was about an idiot, Trevor (played by Don McGlynn), who decided to run for State Representative.  Here's a look at his campaign commercial, followed by all of the drunken out-takes.  In the video I'm Creepy Steve, Trevor's right-hand man and director of the commercial.  Also present (and off camera, like myself) is Trev's campaign manager and homeslice, Saul Goodman (played by Rob Klubeck), handing Trevor beer after beer and offering his two cents.

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