Friday, June 28, 2013

Video Vednesday on Friday...?

Hey, readership!  Look, I'm super-busy right now.  Had to get a rental car today so I could get to and from work while my car is having its thermostat replaced and its dirty, dirty lines flushed out.  Soon I have to leave the house for a baby-related doctor appointment.  Don't think I'm making excuses for not writing today.  Actually, you can go ahead and think that, because I am.  They're legit though!  I haven't eaten lunch yet.  I'm putting this blog before lunch!  What more do you want from me?  You demanding bastards!!

Alright, well my goal is to entertain on Mondays, Vednesdays, and Fridays.  Since I don't have enough time to properly write and proofread a full entry, I'm gonna hook you up with a video.  Video Vednesday on Friday.  Wacky, right?

When I was editing the first series of The Super Pancake Bros. Super Show, I often ended up cutting stuff that I thought was really funny.  Sometimes bits just didn't fit into a scene.  Other times I had to make cuts for time/pacing.  But I saved all the cut scenes with my pack-rat magic, smooshed 'em together into bonus videos, and put that shit on the innanet!  Here's the first batch of 'leftovaz' I put together.

If you want more Pancakes, check out all the videos on our Funny or Die page!

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