Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  Put them white clothes away.  Unless you're a douche that always has to wear the white shirt/white hat combo.  Then, by all means, keep alerting the rest of us that you're a douche so that we don't have to waste time talking to you.

Anyway, I'm dealing with a triple-whammy right now.

First Whammy:  I'm trying to edit a nine minute rough cut of the next Super Pancake Bros. Super Show episode down into its six minute run-time.  That's hard!  I'm about to put a pot of coffee on...

Second Whammy:  I thought it was Sunday for most of the day, so I put no thought into a blog.

Third Whammy:  Ginger found the first season of CSI: Miami in a box of free stuff.  So, we've been watching that for a good chunk of the day.  I'm not joking.  And David Caruso takes a lot of meme-jabs on the internet for the constant sunglasses on/sunglasses off thing he does in the show, but fuck the internet, he's a good actor.

Alright... So I'm copping out on writing a blog.  Well, this is like a third or at least a quarter of the length of what I sometimes write.  But anyway, it's Labor Day, so I don't have to write.  I don't even get paid for this shit!  Deal!

Happy Labor Day!

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