Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Video Vednesday #23

S.M. is a corporate genie, but he just got canned.  With only 12 hours of genie power left, S.M. grants me three last wishes in "The Final Three".

This marks a first in Super Pancake Bros. Super Show history:  I had to cut the opening credits own to just the opening "bookend" (Hey, Paisanos!) and the title of the show.  The original cut of the episode was 9 minutes long.  Each episode is 6 minutes (the idea being that if you watch a whole series it takes an hour), so I had a lot of cutting to do.  After hacking and chopping as much as I could, using some Frankensteinesque editing techniques, I was still about 30 seconds over time.  The only thing I could figure to do was cut the opening.  Is this interesting to anybody besides myself?  I do like to ramble about editing...

Anyway, if that last paragraph didn't bore you to death, here's the 3rd episode of Series 2 (the 13th overall)...

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