Friday, September 6, 2013

Past, Present, Future

Guys!  Just like at the end of the most recent Super Pancake Bros. Super Show episode, I blew it!  All week I've been behind a day because of having Monday off.  Every time I woke up today I thought it was Thursday.  Not that it would have mattered; I was (and still kind of am) exhausted from a hectic week of depriving myself of sleep to get the new episode done, having bad timing with Link where he would wake up right when I was ready to take a nap, and a hellish night at work on Wednesday where all the dealerships decided to make up for not getting deliveries on Monday.  I swear I fit more stuff in one truck than can fit in a truck.  I still don't know how I did that.

Anyway, I'm going to work early today, and I didn't really leave myself enough time to write a full-on blog entry.  So, I'm thinking maybe I'll just spend a few minutes to think about what I've done on the blog and what I'd like to do moving forward...

I've written about such a wide variety of topics.  The most popular have been my blogs about Batman, James Bond, facebook, and my wife's incredible ability to say insane shit that makes me laugh.  I wish some of my more importantish rants were more popular, but hey, I'm writing for myself just as much as I'm writing for everybody else.  So what will I be writing about in the near future?

Some of it will be more of what I've been doing.  More stuff about video games, more "Too Much Technology" entries, more Ginger Files, more Buttnerd Files.  More rants too, including an upcoming rant about how way too many dots connect from Monsanto to our government.

Vhat about Video Vednesdays?  Don't vorry!  That vill still be happening, too!  I'll be showing the new series of Super Pancake Bros. Super Show episodes until all ten of those are out, then I'll be reverting back to posting different videos from various projects I've been involved in.

Oh!  I've also got something in the works called The Link Pancake 45 RPM Experiment.  It's probably not hard to imagine what that's going to be about, especially considering my previous writing about my record collection, but I'm proud of that title so I wanted to put it on here.  Yeah!

I'm also planning on writing some more about b-movies.  I've been watching a lot of them lately while feeding Link.  How can I not write about films with such titles as Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon or The Undertaker and His Pals?  (Not WWE's The Undertaker.)  The world needs to know about such gems.  And by "the world" I mean "the handful of people that read my blog regularly".

As far as what else I may choose to write about goes, I'm open to suggestions.  And I hope I get some from my faithful readers!  What do YOU want to see on this blog?

Alright, this was sort of one of those 'cop-out' blogs where I didn't actually write about anything, but if you didn't notice, I sprinkled links to lots of other stuff throughout the whole thing.  Muldoon from Jurassic Park once described me as a "clever girl!"  (I had long hair at the time, so I can forgive his mistake.)  So, if you feel ripped off or like you got cheated out of a real blog entry, check out some of those links; I'll bet you missed at least one of those, and now is your chance to make things right between us and catch up!

I'll see you in the future!

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